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When I was a kid, I use to take trips to see my family in Austin, Tx. My older cousins would take me to the comic book stores to buy comics. To past the time I would trace the characters and make my own stories. When I got older I became fascinated with Lowrider Arte Magazines.


Growing up in South Texas, the Chicano style of artwork had a major influence on me. One day while my mom was having a family gathering, I traced an image of Salina Quintanilla from one of the Lowrider Arte Magazines. Salina had just past away so I thought it would be cool to draw her portrait. I showed it to my mom and she assumed I drew it without tracing. She was so proud that she showed all of my family members who were there that night. They couldn't believe that a kid so young could draw something so good at such a young age. The truth is that I didn't but I loved the feeling it gave me.


From then on I promised that I would learn how to draw with out tracing. Year after year I practiced drawing. Eventually my friends started asking me to tattoo them. I did and quickly became the tattoo artist of my high school. I became so obsessed with my artwork that I actually failed two years of high school because all I would do is draw in class and in detention! Hey, I had to get the tattoos ready for after school. Could you blame me?


As soon as I graduated from high school I moved to Austin.  A girl I tattooed from my apartment complex walked into a tattoo shop and the other artists asked her where she got her tattoos from. They called me and asked me to come into the shop for an audition. From there I was hired and began my professional career as a tattoo artist. I worked there for a few years and eventually went back to school. 

I graduated college with an associates degree in graphic design & animation. One day, while walking to buy some art supplies, I noticed a sign that said, "airbrush classes". Ever since I first laid eyes on a lowrider car, I wanted to learn how to airbrush the beautiful murals proudly displayed on them. So I stopped by and talked to the owner Charlie Brown (R.I.P). Next thing I know I am taking airbrush classes there and working on the school website at the same time! I could not believe the opportunities that followed. 

I am proud to say that I love my life. I am doing what I love and helping others create lifetime memories through my artwork. I have seen people cry after being moved by my work and that has created a whole new perspective on my artwork. I am here to serve others with the talents I have been gifted with. I hope to work with you one day. Till then, thank you for taking the time out to listen to my story.

-Sincerely yours


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