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Let me see your work

That's one of the first things I hear when I tell someone I'm a tattoo artist. Let me see your work. I pull out my new age business card and swipe it up to their smart phone to display all my links or I send them a text message with all my social media links attached.

Do you know your artist?

One of the best ways to find an artist is through word of mouth. If you know a friend that you trust who has a nice tattoo, it is better to ask them who did their work then to walk into a shop and pick a random artist. Do some research first. Look for consistency in their portfolios and social media posts. Look for the same pictures through out their portfolios. Ask people online who have work from that artist, about their experience.


Research artist who specialize in your desired style of artwork. Example: If you are looking to get a portrait done; search for an artist who specializes in portraits, black & grey, realism tattoos.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check out their printed portfolio at the shop

  2. Look up their online portfolio website

  3. Ask for their instagram or other social media

  4. Google them for any bad reviews

  5. Consult with them to learn more about the artist background

  6. Ask a friend who has a tattoo by the artist

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