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Why do customers cancel?

If you have ever set an appointment, I'm sure you've also felt the disappointment when someone cancels or doesn't show up. It's bound to happen but why?

What to do now?

The truth is I don't care if a customer cancels on me. All I think about is what to do now. I used to get mad when someone would set an appointment for a certain time & date just to cancel. It felt like they wasted my whole day even though that really wasn't the case. It is up to me to change the situation not just look at what happen and get mad.

Thank you for this time!

Now when someone doesn't show I thank God that he has given me this time to focus on something else. I am learning how to airbrush, now I can practice! I've been interested in learning a new language, now I can study! Anything that I've been putting aside is now what I choose to focus on at this time. I don't get mad because it's just going to project in my attitude towards the people I interact with daily. So I ask you, what have you been wanting to learn or practice? Next time a customer cancels; don't get mad. Say, "thank you for freeing my time". Now take that time to focus on a new project. Don't waste it thinking about another person who isn't thinking about you.

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