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Step into the world of Serious Art.

Serious is a well known artist based out of Houston,Texas. His passion for art started at a very young age and his talent has evolved tremendously over the years. He studied at The Houston School of Art & Design and The University of Phoenix, where he earned his degree in graphic design & animation. He offers a collection of inspirational artwork in a variety of mediums.The art galleries on this site include drawings, paintings and tattoo work. Enjoy your visit and come back often for updates on his latest art work. For questions please call 1-888-300-9715 or email us

"Something you are doing daily is creating your successes of your failures"

Gift Certificates

Are you tired of buying your friends or family the same boring gifts every year? How about getting them a gift card for a custom piece of art work? You won't find these in any store. You're loved ones will have a choice of custom art work created on paper, canvas or skin.

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A short video of a mural Serious created in Austin, Tx.  Not all murals in this video were created by Serious. Thank you for all the other artist who shared in the making of this video. 


Serious did a great job on my tattoo. He made my design exactly how I imagined it. No other artist has took as much time trying to get it right as he did. That's why I had to get my tattoo from him. He did my whole back piece, half sleeve and thigh piece. 


I have been waiting to find a tattoo artist like Serious for a while now. He did a memorial piece on my chest in memory of a friend of mine who past away. Now we are working on my sleeve. Thanks Serious! 


I remember Serious from high school. He was a teenager when he started tattooing and I have seen his work progress over the years. I needed a cover-up so I asked him to do it because I know he would do an amazing job and he did. 


I saw the work Serious did on my twin brother. It was a portrait piece of our grandparents. I asked him to do the same piece on my rib cage. From there we went on to do my full chest piece and two full sleeves! Now we are working on my other rib piece. Then we will continue onto my full back piece. 


Serious tattooed my mom and my aunt, so when I wanted my first tattoo I knew exactly who to go to. He did an awesome job. I now have three tattoos from him. 


I met Serious through a friend and we both got tattoos from him that night. I loved how it came out so when he came to the Valley I got another one from him that came out even better! I love my tattoos and I need more soon lol. 

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